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The Gathering is an opportunity to deepen your Yoga practice and establish a daily rhythm in a Yogic way of life. We will guide you on the path of Self-inquiry and encourage you to look within and re-connect to your True Nature.

Marci and Rolf will guide students in early morning pranayama followed by Mysore-style Ashtanga. Marci will teach sessions on alignment, adjustments, modifications, moon-cycle sequencing and how to adapt the practice according to the Nature and needs of the individual.

Ganga Puri will give teachings on the Yoga Sutras, emphasizing the relevance of the Yamas and Niyamas and bringing these ethical and spiritual observances into one’s daily life. Ganga will also give initiation into Japa Kriya and teach students how to perform specific Yogic Kriyas, or Shat Karmas, in order to cleanse and purify the organic system and ultimately, open the pathways of the Nadis.

Dr. Nandita Shah's compelling presentation reveals how our food choices directly affect the quality of our health and consciousness, as well as the lives of other sentient beings and the homeostasis of the planet. This vital information will empower you to reconnect with your intuition and actively engage in creating vibrant health and well-being.

Clea Chandmal will introduce the practical, scientific and spiritual aspects of permaculture in a simple, easy-to-understand manner that will give you the tools necessary to apply permaculture in your life no matter where you live. Design principles and techniques are drawn from Nature, traditional agriculture, science and common sense to create sustainable and self-regulating environments. Permaculture opens new ways of seeing, observing and understanding Nature, helping us to realize our interconnectedness and enabling us live in a more harmonious and balanced state. We will visit Clea on her permaculture farm, where you will learn how she transformed from a once barren landscape into a paradisiacal food jungle.

Nimesha & Andrea Flenda’s recipes are designed to make healthy food preparation easy and accessible for everyone. Their approach, using organic, nutrient rich, live foods, food combining, juicing and detoxification, will give you the basis for creating vibrant health and a balanced mind. Their classes are always a delicious highlight during the Gathering!

Dr. Aruna Viswanathan will help you bring balance to your life through the ancient science of Ayurveda. This wisdom from the ancient mystics of India offers valuable ways of balancing and maintaining health and wellness even in the busiest of lives. Dr. Aruna’s knowledge is the culmination of years of work with physicians, healers and mystics. She offers personalized solutions to issues at a physical, emotional and spiritual level of healing.


Rolf & Marci Naujokat

Ganga Puri
Ganga Puri was born in Haridwar on the banks of the Ganges to Yogis, Baba Santosh Puri and Narmada Devi Puri. Throughout his childhood he was blessed by the teachings of Gurus, Saints and Yogis. He has a degree in Physics and Mathematics from Grahwal University in Srinagar and a Master's Degree in Human Consciousness and Yogic Science from Gurukul Kangri University. His lessons are designed to promote well-being, Self-awareness and control of mind and body.

He devotes his energy to leading Yoga courses and Vedic studies at Santosh Puri Ashram near Haridwar in North India.

Nimesha & Andrea Flenda
Nimesha & Andrea Flenda have a contagious enthusiasm for sharing their love of healthy living. Their intention is to help others reconnect with their body’s innate wisdom through correct diet, sleep patterns and regular cleansing.

Nimesha & Andrea will show you how easy it is to make tasty, nutritious live food cuisine and how to detoxify your body with fresh juices and superfoods.